Watching your movies or listening to your favorite music can be a boring experience if you don’t have the


right speakers. A good set of speakers can last for decades, if properly taken care of. The secret to sonic


bliss is to simply do a little research, empower yourself with knowledge, and then test a few pieces before


finally pulling the trigger. Below is a list guide to our top rated speakers for home use.



#Ergo 690DC Tower Speaker (Canton)


With a price tag of about $3500 a pair, these speakers are designed with a classic, traditional, and sound


enhancing styling that delivers quality to the punch. It’s a Canton label that functions at 20Hz, with a


1-inch aluminum-manganese tweeter, 7-inch aluminum midrange, and dual aluminum 8-inch drivers. This is


a great Canton model for the pure audiophiles.






#JBL L890 Tower Speaker


The JBL L890 is a four-way speaker with a ¾-inch titanium tweeter, a 4-inch tweeter, a pair of 8-inch


woofers, and on top of it, a ¾-inch Mylar dome super-tweeter that amplifies those “air” frequencies that


are rarely heard by the naked ear. Surprisingly, you can get your own pair for just below $1,400.






#Klipsch RF-7 II Floorstanding Speaker


The horn-loaded speakers are characteristic of the Klipsch company, offering incredible detail with their


powerful towers. In this piece, the dual 10-inch cerametallic woofers function at 30Hz, which is arguably


more conservative than with most of the brands. It also features a 1.75-inch horn loaded titanium tweeter,


making it one of the most versatile speakers out there.






The tiny but powerful models


#PSB Imagine B Speakers


The PSB Company has a long history of creating gentle-sounding speakers with the ability to reproduce


complex, layered sound with delicacy. This is the case with Imagine B speakers, including their ability to


coax out 52Hz from a single 5 ¼-inch driver, which is quite impressive. At $1,100, these speakers are


worth the investment, with the fourth order crossover immaculately bringing out the life in the one-inch


titanium dome tweeter.






#Motion 15 Speakers (MartinLogan)

These MartinLogans blend 5 ¼-inch aluminum woofers with Folded Motion transducers that produce lifelike


music reminiscent of studio recording masters. The MartinLogan sound tops the listening experience,


making these speakers a quality investment.






#E5BiR Bookshelf Speakers (EMP)


The same designers involved in the production of RBH sound speakers are the ones who bring you the EMP


speakers. The most fascinating feature about these speakers is probably their midrange, with the ability to


resist distortion even when you drive them really hard. In addition, they make male and female vocal


sounds seem like you are listening live on stage – no crispy sibilants or compression. And at $250/pair,


these are an incredible value.






Speaker placement options


The last step is to determine where you’ll place your speakers in order to incorporate as many as you


reasonably can into your system. If your chairs or sofa set is up against a wall, cramming in a 7.1 system


may prove to be challenging when it comes to positioning your surround speakers. Not to mention the


back surrounds, which you need to place at least three or four feet away from your seat in order to be


effective. Go for a 5.1 system, and then determine where the surround speakers will stay for the best


effect. Remember that décor consideration is significant when looking for the top rated speakers for home use as well.




Top Rated Speakers For Home Use

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