Having a speaker you can carry with you at all places will make your life easier especially if you ought to use them frequently. However, do not just rush into buying the first one that catches your attention. It is good to be knowledgeable when it comes to the selection of the best portable speakers.




The essence of having a speaker is to enhance the volume. Therefore, you need one that will give adequate volume according to your needs. Given the smallness of the portable speakers, most of them are limited when it comes to loudness. It will be better if you go for the ones that have bi-amplification.


2.Seamless Bluetooth connection


You should consider products which allow you to connect them via Bluetooth. When you have to connect a lot of wires and take care of many settings, then it will be tiresome. The main point of technology advancement is to make things easier, and that is why there is the option of connecting them through Bluetooth. All you have to do is tap your screen, and the room will be filled with music.


3.Battery lifestyletop10bestportablespeaker-2016-banner


You will not enjoy the party if the speaker battery runs out in the middle of the event. Because of the portability, ensure that its battery can sustain the charge for a considerable period. However, you should ensure that it is always fully charged. Lithium batteries have demonstrated power when it comes to sustaining the charge.


4.Additional functions


You need speakers that offer you more than one option. Some of the extra functions you should be looking for include:


    • Calls- It will be a great idea if the gadget allows you to pick a call. You do not have to pause your work and move out to answer or make a call. It will make your work easier and efficient if you do not have to make a lot of trips outside.


    • Charging portal- If the speaker has ports which allow you to charge various electronic gadgets, then it will mean that you do not have to carry with you a lot of charging extensions to ensure that all devices are on.



5.Sound quality


You can have a very pretty speaker that has all the additional functions you want, but it will not do you any good if the quality of the sound emanating from it is low. It is very irritating to listen to something that does not resonate well. It will only succeed in causing headaches to the listeners. The most probable reaction from your audience when you are playing music from such a piece is to nag you to turn it off.




Do not always assume that the best speakers have to go for high prices. Ensure that you have scrutinized the product to ensure that it is not being sold more than its worth.


Purchasing the Best Portable Speakers: The Key Factors to Consider

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