The newest audio gadgets of 2016 are a combination of strange, fun, and exciting for those in the old crowd as well as the newest generation alike. Take a look at these Top 3 most impressive new products of 2016.

Bang & Olufsen’s BeoLab 90 Speakersbeolab-90-bang-olufsen-vision-of-sound

Bang & Olufsen is an excellent company that is implementing their technology into The latest laptops and audio devices. 2016 will give us “BeoLab 90”–these gorgeous pair of high quality speakers were showcased at CES, where they impressed with their canons of sound they command.
These speakers are aesthetically pleasing as well as unusual, and they have to be seen to fully appreciate how different they are. Their technical features are even more impressive. These extreme high quality speakers contain software that is smartphone-controlled, which are stacked with internal digital amps), which allow BeoLab 90 to operate in different directional modes.
For example, you can narrow the sound-beam for listening solo; you can widen the beam for when you are with a group; or set it to radial mode. Radial mode will give you an outstanding 360 degree audio output to behold. Each speaker contains 18 drivers, which work in different ways, depending on the music and directional mode. They also have the capability to cancel out reflections/echos and optimize the audio quality to the fullest.
The sound-stage includes low end sounds that are massive and a bass that is sweet and full. They are also incredibly expensive, which makes sense for what many at CES have said that they are quite possibly the best speakers they have ever heard. If you have an extra $80,000 laying around, then these speakers are your only choice if you want the absolute best in modern technology.
Audiophiles would sell a kidney to get their hands on the BeoLab 90 by Bang & Olufsen.

Sony PS-HX500 TurntableSony-PS-HX500-Turntable-Convert-Your-Vinyl-Tracks-to-Hi-Res-Digital-Format

Turntables are a hot commodity as of late. Not only are baby boomers wanting to take a listen to their old records and listen to vinyl that just has that sound no one can duplicate; but millennials are getting into it as well.
While current turntables are “retro sexy,” they are also manually operated. 2016 is giving us a turntable made by Sony, called The PS-HX500. This $600 turntable is exceptional, attractive, with an exciting development in an old-meets-new mashing of tech.
This record player is belt-driven and has a preamp built in, so that you can plug this turntable into any sound system, without external phono amps required. The turntable itself is thin, just a few inches thick, and is complete with a black base with a clear, hinged top.
Complete with a USB output for transferring digitally captured audio to your PC or Mac, Sony’s PS-HX500 comes with a desktop audio editor for tagging and slicing your recordings. This means you can not only listen to your old records or new vinyls on this DJ-centric record player (LP collectors rejoice!), but you can also digitally archive your vinyl. This is a massively cool piece of technology.

Mu-so QB Speakers

Wireless speakers are not a new development, having been around for a few years now with Bluetooth technology leading the way in developing great sounding audio. However, if you are looking for something different in 2016, then you must check out Mu-so Qb. Priced at $1,000, they may not be for everyone, but for audiophiles who want the best wireless sound, Mu-So Qb will blow you away.
What separates these wireless speakers from the other audio devices intended for whole-home use, is that these are anything but ugly, expensive, or awkwardly overpowered speakers we often have to choose from.
This cube-shaped wireless speaker is 22 cm (8.6 inches) cubed, and contains 300 watts of amps inside. The Mu-so Qb is a smaller sibling of the larger and more powerful Mu-So original. It’s small size makes it mind-boggling to comprehend how such sound can come out of this attractive cube. The single subwoofer gets 100 watts and it’s mid-range stereo drivers and angled tweeters each get 50 watts a piece. With a multitude of colors to choose from, your cube can match your personality and design while remaining unobtrusive in sight but massively potent in sound.
Whatever wireless source of music you have, from Bluetooth, AirPlay, Spotify Connect, Pandora, UPnP, etc…you can play it all on the Mu-so Qb.

If you want traditional wired inputs, no problem, this little cube has these too. You can link five of them together in order to fill your home with sound. The options are nearly limitless with this versatile new audio gadget.


Newest Audio Gadgets 2016

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