Apollo 7 Earbuds by Erato
You may have heard a lot of talk about the Apollo 7–the first truly wireless audio earbuds. But the more you learn about them, the more you realize that they are even better than you anticipated and are the audio earbuds that you have been waiting over a decade for.


The totally wireless Apollo 7 audio ear buds look similar to the bullet-style earbuds that all in-ear earbud users wear today. Except, this model by Erato have an extremely cool design and are finally the real wireless, Bluetooth earbuds that we have been promised for years.62fe99c4e385d730313162db0985eb62_original


The Apollo 7 contains drivers made from a special composite in order to get as much great sound quality out of them as possible. The frequency response is also unusually high for earbuds, ranging from below 20Hz to above 20kHz (which is the extent to what humans can hear).


These futuristic earbuds come in a cool container that you can slide them into easily and securely. Even cooler than they already are, the case itself actually acts as a separate charging unit. With each charge of the case, you can give the Apollo 7 wireless Bluetooth earbuds two full charges.


For the size of these earbuds and the fact that the batteries on-board are tiny, it is extremely impressive that each charge will last for about 3 hours. But with two full charges you can get out of the casing, you will not have to worry about charging up to an outlet while you are out and about for some time.


Since these are Bluetooth, wireless earbuds, you can enjoy the other functions of Bluetooth technology as well, besides listening to music. Included is voice recognition (which is great for when you are using your smartphone to stream the music), and a single button for answering your phone calls, changing volume, playing your music, skipping tracks, and all of this is based on touch and tap technology.


Anyone who has purchased in-ear earbuds knows that they typically come with three different sized pairs of silicone tips. The Apollo 7 comes with six different tip options to choose from, as well as three different stabilizers, and the charging/housing case; so it is clear that Erato is making a great effort to make sure their product can appeal and be used by the masses.



The Remidi T8 Wearable Instrument

This next gadget is one of the most unique, cool, entertaining, and innovative products you will have come across since the advent of touchscreens and smartphones.


The Remidi T8 is a special glove that turns your entire hand into music by playing an infinite combination of sounds and notes by touch. Let me explain this exciting piece of technology.


The T8 is a wearable instrument that works by using the combination of the glove and bracelet/wristband. The wristband is the control center that hosts 8 pressure sensitive spots on the glove in order to trigger notes when the wearer taps their fingers and hands on a surface to create a musical pattern and sounds.
The glove knows which sensor you have pressed, how long you have pressed it, and how softly or hard you have pressed it or tapped it, and will translate it to the right intensity and length. It uses the air for direction as well. For example, the controls know if you are left, right, up, down, and moving slow or fast, and will alter the sounds accordingly.


The T8 offers complete motion freedom that one would have wearing a typical glove, and works on every surface.The bracelet and glove plug into each other through the magnetic connector on the back of the hand. Incredibly, the glove is very thin and the bracelet is not large at all–wearing this tech is not cumbersome at all, which is perfect for maneuverability.


The motion sensors in the glove opens up to a wider expression of music. Similar to a music conductor, the wearer can alter the sound of a note that has already started simply by moving their hand or wrist. This is called Air Modulation.


This one-hand glove has an encoder on the bracelet, whose main function is to browse through the wearer’s note sets. The user just needs to turn it to switch from one musical note to the next, from a C scale to an F scale; from a riff to a set of samples–all in just one touch.


This means your hand acts as an endless keyboard that has no boundaries while you can create your music and patterns in the way you have always wished–by feeling.


The T8 also features gesture control, midi mode, and audio remix mode, which are all a part of the intelligent software.banner1-1-670x350


The gesture control personalizes your movements and makes the decision on how to interact with sound.
The Midi mode sets your note-sets or chord-sets you have created and can integrate them with professional software.


The audio remix mode can play melodies and remix thousands of tracks with the Remidi App. This means you can use your glove and have fun remixing with your hand, using your smartphone to control what songs you are remixing.


The glove itself is made of spandex and is comfortable to wear. Best yet, the battery will last from 8 to 10 hours.


The Remidi T8 is on pre-order right now for only $349; you can choose whether to receive a left or right handed glove. You will receive the T8 in November of 2016.



**Note: Now available is the Remidi T8–The Duet, also now on pre-order. The Duet costs $669.






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